We bring together local, independent networks to partner and deliver national solutions to compete with rideshare and national taxi providers.

If you’re interested in answering questions like:

• How do I secure more bookings? or,
• How can I attract and grow my taxi fleet?

… then talk to us and we’ll show you best-in-class solutions you can implement quickly and rent cost-effectively.

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attract bookings

Be part of a national group of independent networks to grow bookings and fleet

engage operators

Keep operators and drivers engaged with national accounts, driver training and real-time information

grow your network

More bookings, reduced costs, grow your network to service your local market…

reduce admin

24×7 automated data gathering – integrated with all your systems, reducing back-office costs

reduce costs

Increased contact centre automation and leverage TNS economies of scale

national partners

Independent, with national partners linked through dispatch, shared app & accounts

better services

Data, automation, reporting. Improve your services to passengers and members